Knowledge Centres

NOVA Compliance Lab

The NOVA Compliance Lab was established in 2019 as part of the activities of the Research & Development Centre on Law and Society (CEDIS) of NOVA School of Law.




The mission of this Centre is the development of knowledge to better diagnose institutional and operational failures that promote corruption and other unwanted conduct, together with the analysis of effective measures for their prevention.  In order to fulfill its mission, apart from research, it also develops training activities, lectures, workshops, among others. The laboratory also seeks to link academia, the private and public sector, and civil society, in the context of transmission of knowledge with regard to the Portuguese, Brazilian, and Spanish reality, among others.


  • Research in the area of compliance;
  • Promotion of awareness of civil society on the importance of compliance (namely, through the creation of tools placed at the disposal of companies to ensure compliance);
  • Development of a multinational and multigenerational community surrounding these issues;
  • Publication of texts and articles on compliance and other directly related issues;
  • Organization of courses (face-to-face and online), workshops and seminars;
  • Establishment of partnerships with other related entities.