PhD in Law and Security

Ensuring democracy


Law and Security represent an emerging scientific area in Portugal, reflecting the multidisciplinary and diverse nature of knowledge most relevant to the current context, both national and international, in which a Culture of Security is essential to the affirmation of the Democratic Rule of Law.

The present 3rd Cycle of Law Studies corresponds to the consolidation of an already significant teaching and research experience, not only in the Master in Law and Security, but also in the work developed within the scope of CEDIS – Center for Research & Development in Law and Society of the Faculty of Law of the NOVA University of Lisbon, with the collaboration of the Institute of Law and Security.

The PhD in Law and Security integrates two phases: the completion of a PhD course (90 ECTS) and the preparation of an original thesis (150 ECTS), designed specifically to obtain the degree of Doctor in Law and Security.


Armando Marques Guedes

Frederico de Lacerda da Costa Pinto

Scientific Commission

President: Armando Marques Guedes | Board Members: Frederico de Lacerda da Costa Pinto (non-taught component) | Felipe Pathé Duarte (taught component)


The first two semesters of this cycle are organized around the acquisition of skills and knowledge in this area in order to enable solid investigation, framed according to the theoretical problems of the disciplines structuring the course.

The curricular units that are proposed are composed of seminars focused on themes that are considered relevant to the training of students, ensuring the flexibility in specific themes to be addressed. During this 1st year, the curricular units focus on what we call the hard theoretical core of the course.

The remaining 6 semesters will be fully dedicated to research leading to the doctoral thesis. These 6 semesters provide adequate time for  the research, which is allocated according to  the availability of research centers and consultation materials.

The 8 semesters that make up this cycle are designed for full-time and face-to-face students.


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Law and Security




R/A -Cr -132/2013

Regulation No 384/2013 of 8 October 2013

Code of Good Practices

Tuition Fees

  • Total Tuition Fee for Non-curricular phase: 2000.00€ (from the 3rd semester on)
  • Tuition Fee for Additional Non-Curricular semester – National and International Student: 1000.00€



From the 2021/22 academic year onwards, the Law and Security specialty has been included in the PhD in Law. Those interested in a PhD in this area should apply to the PhD in Law.