Professor Nausica Palazzo nominated «Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Non-discrimination»

As of January 2023, Professor Nausica Palazzo took up the post of Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Non-discrimination.

The appointment confirms NOVA School of Law’s commitment to fostering a space of inclusion and non-discrimination for NOVA’s community of students and staff and seeks to promote awareness on the topic through a variety of measures which span a more gender-balanced composition of events, with a more pronounced focus on diversity and equality issues within course curricula.

Furthermore, in September 2023, NOVA School of Law will host “Gender and diversity talks – Conversações sobre género e diversidade”, to discuss with civil society representatives and politicians the way forward on fostering a space free from discrimination in academia and society.

Professor Nausica Palazzo will act as the contact person for our community to propose and discuss additional measures that foreground equality and diversity as a central concern for NOVA School of Law.