Scientific Traineeship leading to PhD - "Sandwich PhD"

Sandwich PhD


What is the “Sandwich PhD”?

NOVA School of Law welcomes individual scientific advanced research internships towards a PhD degree, in the scientific areas of the PhD programmes offered at NOVA School of Law, aimed at the development of theoretical and/or methodological skills relevant to the achievement of a research project with a view to obtaining a doctoral degree (hereinafter “Sandwich PhD”).


Advanced Research Individual Scientific Internship towards a PhD degree (“Sandwich PhD”)
National and International Students | Applicable regime:

Regulation No. 208/2019 – Regulation for Individual Scientific Advanced Research Internship towards a Doctoral Degree


Soraya Nour Sckell


Regarding my experience, firstly, I highlight the success of the enlightening and thoughtful conversations I had the pleasure of having with my supervising professor at NOVA School of Law. They made all the difference to the development of the body of text of my thesis. Additionally, I had the opportunity to deepen the methodology of research and law analysis by attending classes on Procedural Law and Law Analysis Methodologies, as part of the PhD Law Programme at NOVA School of Law. The exchange of information with fellow doctoral students was also very useful for understanding Portuguese law. The opportunity to attend and present the topic of my thesis at an English SPEED was also fundamental for the evolution of my research. On the one hand, listening carefully to speakers and discussants of different nationalities on various topics and approaches favoured an analysis of my own thesis that was less centred on the perspective of my university of origin. On the other hand, presenting some of the points from my own thesis on 18 November 2020 made me listen and better reason with my own ideas, eliminate some excesses that sounded incoherent and focus on more essential points. Some comments were essential in opening my eyes to the most important point of my thesis which I was treating as secondary. The countless hours spent in the NOVA School of Law Library and in the doctoral students' room were also of major importance. Besides giving me the environment to write and research with more concentration, I was able to access more than 10 dissertations on my topic published by Portuguese universities. In fact, the mere presence at NOVA School of Law allowed me to find bibliographic material from Portugal with infinite ease, if compared to my research in Brazil. In short, my thesis underwent radical modification as to its methodological structure thanks to my presence at NOVA School of Law. If before, my research was on a broader theme, the sandwich PhD made me understand the greater importance of some questions within this wider theme, which became the central point of the thesis, through analysis of practice and regulation, the latter being practically inexistent in Brazil.
João Marcelo Sant'Anna da Costa
Managing Partner J.G. Assis de Almeida - Law Firm

Tuition Fees

Sandwich PhDAnnual CostCost per semester
National/European Union Student and International Student3000€*1500€*

*Tuition fees as deliberated by the General Council on 14 December 2022

Financial Discounts

Students who choose to pay the annual tuition fees in a one-off payment receive a 5% discount on the amount to be paid.

Scholarships for Access to Study Cycles at NOVA University Lisbon

The Scholarships for Access to Study Cycles are available to students of the three study cycles, being students of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, nationals or stateless persons, foreigners with tax residence in Portugal or with refugee status, who are in a situation of financial need and who do not benefit from the scholarships awarded by the Directorate-General for Higher Education, or whose value proves to be insufficient.

Full scholarship details here.

National/European Union Student and International Student

Annual Cost: 3000€*
Cost per semester: 1500€*

*Tuition fees as deliberated by the General Council on 14 December 2022

Reading of this information does not exempt consultation of the full documentation regarding feesemoluments and taxes for the academic year in question.


Who can apply?

Those attending a PhD programme in another higher education institution, national or foreign.

How to apply?

The candidate must submit an application for admission, by e-mail, addressed to the President of the Scientific Council of NOVA School of Law, along with:

  • Work programme to be developed at NOVA School of Law within the context of the Sandwich PhD, stating the starting date and duration in months, as well as the relation of the Sandwich PhD to the candidate’s PhD project;
  • Declaration of acceptance by the proposed supervisor of NOVA School of Law;
  • Proof of enrolment for a PhD at another higher education institution;
  • Declaration of agreement from the home institution and from the candidate’s supervisor at the home institution with the undertaking of the Sandwich PhD at NOVA School of Law;
  • Curriculum vitae of the candidate. The application must also include the name of the supervisor and the scientific area of the doctoral programme at NOVA School of Law where the PhD Sandwich is taking place.


The Scientific Council will inform the candidate, the supervisors, the home institution, and the Academic Division of NOVA School of Law of the approval of the application for a Sandwich PhD. The enrolment is done by the student, within a maximum period of one month, after its approval by the Scientific Council and information provided by the Academic Services is sent. If after half a year there is no enrolment at the Academic Division, the approval will expire.

Emoluments/Charges and Taxes Fees

  • Academic Insurance: 3,00
  • Administrative costs: 15,00€
  • Enrolment Certificate: 6,00€
  • Certificate of completion of the programme, as indicated in Article 12(2) of the Regulation: 6,00€