The mission of NOVA Consumer Lab is to develop activities related to Consumer Law, namely in relation to general contract terms, advertising, prices, unfair commercial practices, sale of consumer goods, essential public services (water, electricity, gas, electronic communications, among others), financial services (including consumer credit and real estate credit), housing, transport, the digital economy and its challenges (big data, internet of things, personal data, cryptolaw, digital content, 3D printers), regulation and resolution of disputes (including mediation and consumer arbitration).

Taking advantage of the experience of almost two decades of NOVA School of Law in the monitoring and resolution of consumer disputes, in UMAC – Unit of Mediation and Monitoring of Consumer Conflicts (which the NOVA Consumer Lab succeeds), the NOVA Consumer Lab maintains a clear commitment to the relationship between the practical and theoretical components, opening the School to the community through the course of its activities.

The objective is to create a centre through which a number of activities may be developed: information, training, research, studies and reports, dispute resolution, magazine and other editorial activities, internships, digital content, support to consumers, companies and other entities.

The NOVA Consumer Lab is available to develop and support initiatives that conform to its objectives.


NOVA Consumer Lab Yearly Book – Year II (2020)

NOVA Consumer Lab Yearly Book – Year I (2019)


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Afonso Leitão (Investigator)

Alyne Calistro (Investigator)

Ana Jorge Teixeira (Investigator)

Ana Machado (Investigator)

André Alfar Rodrigues (Investigator)

Edgar Palma (Investigator)

Eduardo Freitas (Investigator)

Eduardo Matos (Investigator)

Elisa Arruda (Investigator)

Pedro Ferreira (Investigator)

Filipa Ribas de Oliveira (Investigator)

Filipe Ferreira (Investigator)

Francisca Faria (Investigator)

Fabrizio Esposito (Investigator)

Francisco Arga e Lima (Investigator)

Gonçalo Veiga da Silva (Investigator)

Martim Farinha (Investigator)

Gabriela dos Santos (Investigator)

Joana Campos Carvalho (Investigator)

Jorge Morais Carvalho (Director)

João Pedro Pinto-Ferreira (Investigator)

Lua Mota Santos (Investigator)

Maria Miguel Oliveira da Silva (Legal Adviser)

Miguel de Azevedo Moura (Investigator)

Matilde Bettencourt (Investigator)

Natália Veiga Rebelo (Investigator)

Patrícia Assunção Soares (Investigator)

Paula Ribeiro Alves (Investigator)

Paulo Lacão (Investigator)

Sofia Assunção Soares (Investigator)

Sofia Lopes Agostinho (Investigator)

Suzana Rahde Gerchmann (Investigator)

Yasmin Waetge (Investigator)