The NOVA Dispute Resolution Forum is a knowledge Centre dedicated to research and training in the field of dispute resolution. It aims to bring to the debate various topics of Civil Procedural Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution, in an integrated vision of civil dispute resolution. It has two “branches”, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Laboratory and the Academy of Civil Procedure, which, on the one hand, enables us to have several teams dedicated to specific projects in each area, and on the other hand, promotes an integrated vision of both forms of dispute resolution. 

Within this knowledge Centre and with the aim of promoting the work carried out, the NOVA Dispute Resolution Forum has been publishing the Yearbook of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Laboratory since 2019 (No. 1 was published in November 2019 and it is expected that No. 2 will be published by the end of 2020). Other initiatives include the project “Insolvency Law in Portugal – a multidisciplinary analysis” (submitted to the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia’s IC&DT project competition in April 2020 and still under evaluation) and the following initiatives: course “Evidence in civil procedure: a theoretical-practical perspective” (May 2019); university extension course in arbitration (8th edition – January to June 2020); course “Special procedures”: an analysis of the inventory and follow-up processes of larger companies” (April 2020); course “Introduction to alternative means of dispute resolution”; course “Commercial mediation for lawyers”; workshop “Pre-trial hearing”.


Mission and objectives

The NOVA Dispute Resolution Forum aims to promote research and training in the areas of Civil Procedure and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Its activity should be guided by innovation and whenever possible, be international in nature. 

Research will be organized around major themes, selected in accordance with the best interests of the development of scientific knowledge (in Portugal and abroad) and the added value they may generate for Portuguese society. Among the researchers, there will be students from all the cycles of studies of NOVA School of Law, always guided by one or more PhDs in Law.

With regard to training, the objective is to provide advanced training rather than conferring a degree, directed at legal professionals who want to update or deepen their legal knowledge. The courses are aimed at lawyers and judges in the civil and commercial areas, though not excluding other professionals who wish to refresh their knowledge in these areas.


ADR Lab Yearbook – Year 2 (2019)

ADR LAB Yearbook – Year 1 (2018)  



Mariana França Gouveia – Mediação e Arbitragem Comercial |  Luís Heleno Terrinha – Arbitragem de Direito Público/Investimento | João Pedro Pinto-Ferreira – Processo Civil e Insolvência

Research Team and Assistants

Ana Luísa Dias (Juíza) - NOVA Academia de Processo Civil

Ana Sofia Peixeiro (Juíza) - NOVA Academia de Processo Civil

Carla Gonçalves Borges (Advogada, VdA) - NOVA Academia de Processo Civil

Nuno Miguel Lourenço (Advogado, PLMJ) - NOVA Academia de Processo Civil

António Pedro Pinto Monteiro (Professor Convidado da NOVA School of Law) - ADR Lab

Artur Flamínio da Silva (Professor da Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa) - ADR Lab

Sofia Ribeiro Mendes (advogada, doutoranda) - ADR Lab

Joana Campos Carvalho (professora convidada e doutoranda da NOVA School of Law) - ADR Lab

Daniela Mirante (doutoranda) - ADR Lab

Aline Manfrim

Ana Catarina Carvalho

Ana Coimbra Trigo

Ana Machado

António Pedro Pinto Monteiro

Artur Flamínio da Silva

Daniela Mirante

Francisca França

Inês Vouga

Joana Campos Carvalho

Joana Galvão Teles

João Carrilho

João Duarte

Lua Mota Santos

Mafalda Estácio

Mafalda Roldão

Rita Carvalho

Sara Neto

Sofia Amorim

Sofia Estopa

Tiago Jorge

Vanessa Vale

Victoria Silveira