NOVA School of Law signs protocol with Banco de Portugal

NOVA School of Law executed a protocol with Banco de Portugal in the framework of the research project “Effective implementation of the Knowledge and Competence requirements imposed by the Mortgage Credit Directive”, developed by Professor Joana Farrajota within the new CEDIS Knowledge Centre, NOVA Financial Markets.

The project focuses on assessing the effectiveness of the implementation of the Knowledge and Competence (K&C) requirements arising from the mortgage credit dirctive, by analysing the level of knowledge and competence of banks’ employees in three Member States – Portugal, Germany, and Italy.

The main objective is to present a proposal with a set of guidelines to ensure effective and adequate implementation and compliance of K&C requirements amongst bank employees, while contributing to consumer protection and financial literacy.

The results of the research will be presented at a final conference.

This protocol continues NOVA School of Law’s commitment to financial literacy, which is in line with our mission to provide excellent education, produce cutting-edge research with national and international recognition, and have a positive impact on society, contributing to its sustainable development.