Regulation represents, today, one of the most relevant, dynamic, and innovative within Public Law.

Recently, NOVA School of Law launched the new Master’s in Law – Specialization in Public Regulatory Law, with an ambitious programme and a curricular structure that is simultaneously wide-ranging, innovative, and interdisciplinary, which combines general courses in core areas of Public Law with other curricular units specifically aimed at understanding modern public regulatory intervention.

This new Master’s offers a ground-breaking academic experience in a field that has become one of the most relevant within Public Law, driven by the ambition to combine some of the subjects taught at top Law schools with a strong interdisciplinary inclination and with the international-looking legal approach of our teaching body.

The Master’s degree will be presented in an online session – in Portuguese only – on 21 February at 14:00


“A Regulação e as Novas Fronteiras do Direito Público”
“Estudar Direito Público e Regulação na NOVA School of Law”
  • Beatriz Felgueiras, Master student, NOVA School of Law
Q&A session


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