Master's in Law – Specialization in Public Law

A matter of citizenship


The Master’s in Public Law (MPL) offers a specialized programme composed of a variety of subjects selected on the basis of their (i) practical importance, (ii) innovative character and (iii) transnational relevance.
For this reason the MPL covers not only the more traditional areas of Public Law, which are closely connected with Administrative Law, but also other subjects of ever-increasing relevance (economic crime) and, in some cases, not immediately identifiable with ‘classic’ areas of Public Law (competition and regulation, as well as arbitration, are telling examples of this).

The subjects included in the MPL are intentionally diversified to provide for a range of choice within a single Master’s Programme, enabling students to define their own study plan in accordance with their academic interests, practical needs and professional demands.


Lúcio Tomé Feteira

Scientific Commission

President: Cristina Queiroz | Board Members: Francisco Pereira Coutinho (taught component) | João Zenha Martins (taught component) | Lúcio Tomé Feteira (non-taught component) | Fabrizio Esposito (non-taught component)


Building on and expanding previously acquired notions of Public Law, combining traditional and innovative areas or Public Law of transnational relevance; fostering and improving research and academic skills, whilst providing additional professional competences that may prove useful in the job market.

Target Applicant

Graduates in Law or in other social sciences who wish to acquire or expand their knowledge of Public Law.



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Documents relating to the accreditation process

R/A -Ef 3196/2011/AL03


I chose the Master in Public Law because of the diversity of its curriculum and because I knew that NOVA School of Law was an Institution I could trust. One year has gone by and I should also highlight the professionalism of the Professors and their accessibility vis-à-vis the students. It was while attending this Master’s that I first became acquainted with the work developed by regulatory authorities and that I developed an interest into competition law. As a result of the latter I am currently doing a professional internship in the Restrictive Practices Department of the Portuguese Competition Authority, where I have the opportunity to work with excellent professionals and to be exposed to constant learning in a multidisciplinary environment.
Beatriz Fernandes
Jurist trainee at the Portuguese Competition Authority
After finishing my bachelor degree, I chose the Master in Law with specialization in Public Law, and I could not have made a better choice. The Master’s programme covers a number of subjects and offers a diversified curriculum adjustable to different students, combined with basic training in a number of areas in Public Law, and overall offering the kind of flexibility that proves essential these days. I believe that the Master in Law with specialization in Public Law has prepared me for the career path of my choice (lawyer) not only on account of the legal knowledge that I have acquired, but also on account of its contribution to the development of other personal skills.
Catarina Paulino Alves
Trainee Lawyer at PLMJ
After graduating, I decided to apply for the Master in Public Law at NOVA School of Law. While doing so I felt motivated by the excellence of the Faculty, its teaching methods and its teaching body, all of them sharing the same kind of excellence that I seek and look for in my professional career. At the same time, I also felt motivated by the subjects offered which combine a number of areas in Public Law that are seldom offered together. I believe that this Master’s programme is the ideal choice for those that share a keen interest in Public Law and who, like me, seek a broader understanding of Public Law instead of an excessively narrow approach to the topic.
Inês Vieira
Trainee Lawyer at Morais Leitão


We invite all those interested in 2nd cycle studies in the area of Public Law to consider the various Master’s Degreee on offer this year, as all of them have significant Public Law components.

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