The Jean Monnet Module on European Union Data Protection Law in Portugal (DataporEU)

The General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679 of April 26th, 2016, “GDPR” or “Regulation”) is applicable from May 2018. Compliance with the new rules on personal data protection poses particular challenges to public and private sector institutions. It also raises several questions. How does data protection strengthen citizens’ rights? What specific answers does the Regulation provide for technological developments? What benefits does the Regulation bring to the economy, to data subjects and to companies?

The Jean Monnet Module on European Union Data Protection Law in Portugal (DataporEU) aims at promoting a reflection on the importance of protecting personal data, as well as at fostering awareness on data protection: namely to inform citizens that, as owners of personal data, they need to know their rights and how to enforce them.


Francisco Pereira Coutinho


Graça Canto Moniz


Matheus Passos Silva

Júlia Magrani

Júlia Magrani


Martim Farinha


Rodrigo Adão da Fonseca


Diogo Brandão


Inês Oliveira


Ricardo Rodrigues de Oliveira

Results and Objectives of the Module

1. The Master’s Course is within the Master’s in Law (specializations in International and European Law and Law & Technology) of Nova School of Law, taught in English, between September and December.

Students who successfully complete the course will understand:
  • the scope of personal data as a fundamental right;
  • the general framework for the protection of personal data provided in the GDPR;
  • the context of personal data processing and the tension between the different interests at stake;
  • the implications of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning for data protection.

2. Webinars

Within the context of the Data Jean Monnet Module, annual cycles of Data Protection Webinars are organized, in Portuguese and English, on a wide range of current topics within this area. These cycles are announced at the beginning of the calendar year offering dynamic monthly sessions with guest speakers, specialized in the subjects at hand, from Academia, civil society and professionals in the area.

3. Conferences

Annual Conferences of the DataporEU Jean Monnet Module will have the participation of guest speakers from Nova School of Law as well as from other Universities, and professionals in the field.

4. Workshops/Roundtables

These events aim to discuss specific practical issues, legislation and/or court decisions related to data protection, as well as ongoing developments in the EU and international studies on data protection, reinforced by the involvement, as speakers, of academics, policy-makers and top-level professionals.

5. Short Courses on Personal Data Protection

These short courses, held every six months, intend to serve as a theoretical and practical introduction to Personal Data Protection Law, addressing all the fundamental core themes of this area, and are aimed at both students and professionals.

6. Professional Guest Speaker Seminars

Students will have the opportunity to hear first-hand experiences from professional Data Protection Operators and other professionals.

7. Directory for the Protection of Personal Data

The Directory for the Protection of Personal Data is an annual publication of CEDIS R&D, the Observatory for the Protection of Personal Data, carried out under the DataporEU Module, with the support of Jurisnova and the partners of this initiative, the SRS Law Firm, RL. and the consultant FUTURA Law&Tech. The Directory brings together a set of scientific articles on current innovative topics, submitted in a public Call for Papers, assessed and approved through a blind peer review system. The final work is published in printed format and is available online under open access.

All these initiatives make DataporEU a truly unique and innovative program.