The DDL Centre promotes SDG 16 by engaging legal scholars in data-driven multidisciplinary research teams that draw on, among others, economics and data analytics capabilities as tools to:

  • A better and more accurate diagnosis of law reform needs;
  • Redesign and adjust existing legal instruments;
  • Measure the impact of public policy decisions.

More broadly, the DDL Centre supports, produces and stimulates the search of data-driven responses to the most pressing societal challenges of the 21st Century.

To this end, the DDL Centre:

  • Organizes seminars, conferences and offers dedicated training aimed at spreading data-driven research in the NOVA School of Law research community;
  • Establishes collaboration outside the NOVA School of Law, inside but also outside NOVA University, Lisbon;
  • Seeks public and private funding to support, produce and stimulate data-driven legal research.

The DDL Centre also looks into the growing body of knowledge on the provision of data-driven human or machine-learning expert assistance to legal adjudication/ judicial decision-making.

Project Multiversity

White Paper on multiple and intersectional discrimination

In the context of the NOVA Knowledge Centre for Data-Driven Law activity, it is being developed the «Multiversity Project – White Paper on multiple and intersectional discrimination», which aims to build a science-based recommendation, based on multidisciplinary knowledge, to level and harmonize anti-discrimination protections in Portugal, considering sequential, additive, and intersectional multiple discrimination.

The focus will be on discrimination based on sex, racial/ethnic origin, sexual orientation and gender identity and disability and taking into account the specific socio-economic consequences of each type of discrimination.

The project, coordinated by Margarida Lima Rego (NOVA School of Law) and Paulo Côrte-Real (Nova SBE), is financed by EEA Grants, under the Conciliation and Gender Equality Programme, whose promoter is the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality.