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NOVA School of Law and NOVA Dispute Resolution Forum are officially launching the second edition of the NOVA Summer School on International Arbitration, which will take place from the 10th to the 14th of July in Lisbon, Portugal.

Much like last year’s edition, the Summer School seeks to give its participants the foundational basis of International Arbitration. The participants will have the unique opportunity to learn from international experts from different cities around the world and be truly exposed to the world of International Arbitration. 

Classes will be taught by world-renowned Arbitration academics and practitioners and will cover the most relevant issues in International Arbitration such as arbitration agreements and proceedings, arbitral awards, and international investment protection.

In addition to having classes taught by reputable experts, the participants will have the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired throughout the summer school by taking part in a mini Moot Court with the ICC Portugal Arbitration Rules

The mini Moot Court is specially designed to give participants a comprehensive theoretical and practical overview of arbitration. To assure the success of each participant in the mini moot Court with the ICC Arbitration Rules, there will be workshops covering soft skills and oral advocacy.

Alongside all these activities, NOVA Dispute Resolution Forum will organize socials and networking moments which will bring the participants closer to the international arbitration community.

If you are challenge-driven, interested in arbitration, have the ambition to pursue an international career and want to learn with the best while visiting the amazing city of Lisbon, see you at the NOVA Summer School on International Arbitration.


Fee: 375€

Current or former students from NOVA School of Law: 300€

Early-bird (until 30 May for all): 300€


Participants of the NOVA Summer School on International Arbitration can stay at the University Residence – Alfredo de Sousa Halls of Residence, on the Campolide Campus, if they wish.

Total cost of the 6-night stay:

  • Double room with shared bathroom: €132.60
  • Single room with shared bathroom: €165.78


Monday, July 10

09h00 | Opening Ceremony

George Bermann, Columbia University, New York, USA – Opening Speech
Mariana França Gouveia, Welcome to Summer School, Coordination


Caroline Kleiner, Université Paris Cité, France
Giuditta Cordero-Moss, University of Oslo, Norway

Introduction to International Arbitration 
  • The concept of International Arbitration: criteria, advantages/disadvantages.
  • The law applicable to the merits. The problem of national and foreign mandatory rules. The limits imposed by public policy.
  • The Law applicable to the arbitration proceedings.
10h30 | Coffee Break

Georgios Petrochilos, Three Crowns, Paris, France
Jorge Mattamouros, White & Case, New York, USA

The Arbitration Agreement

  • Definition and relevance
  • The law governing the arbitration agreement
  • Formal and substantive requirements for the validity of the arbitration agreement
  • Drafting arbitration clauses: essential aspects, typical problems, precautions. The model clauses of the various arbitration institutions. The IBA Guidelines on drafting International Arbitration Clauses
  • Effectiveness of the arbitration agreement (positive and negative effect) and the ” Kompetenz-kompetenz” principle of the arbitral tribunal
13h00 | Lunch
14h00 | Mini-moot court initial briefing

Mafalda Estácio, UMPC, Lisbon, Portugal; NOVA Dispute Resolution Forum
Dussu Djabula, NOVA Dispute Resolution Forum
Luisa Donini Leite, NOVA Dispute Resolution Forum
Em colaboração com a PAMA

Tuesday, July 11


André Marini, GBS D, Paris, France
Catherine Rodgers, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

The Arbitral Tribunal
  • Constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal, Appointment, confirmation of Arbitrators and possible difficulties
  • The strategic dimension of the choice of arbitrators: considerations of a practical nature and procedural strategy
  • The intervention of state courts at the time of constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal
  • The statute of arbitrators
      • Independence and impartiality, in particular as per the IBA Guidelines on Conflict of Interest in International Arbitration
      • Duty of diligence
      • Duty of disclosure
  • Proceeding for challenge and replacement of appointed arbitrators. Judicial challenge of the decision to retain the challenged arbitrator
  • Arbitrators’ liability.
10h30 | Coffee Break

Eduardo Silva Romero, Dechert, Paris, France
Érica Franzetti, King & Spalding, Washington, USA

The Arbitration Proceedings
  • The request for Arbitration and the procedural stages
  • The fundamental principles of due process
  • Organization of the proceedings – drafting Procedural Order No. 1. The most common practices and innovations, in particular the expedited arbitration rules
  • The written submissions
  • The IBA Rules on Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration
  • Document Production (Redfern Schedule)
  • The Final Hearing, examination of witnesses, in particular cross-examination
  • The post-hearing briefs
  • The costs of arbitration
12h30 | Lunch

Pacome Ziegler, Delaloa, Lisbon, Portugal

Workshop on Research and Legal Writing

Wednesday, July 12


José Miguel Júdice, Arbitrator, Lisbon, Portugal
Melanie Riofrio Piche, Independent arbitrator at Riofrio-IDR
Joana Galvão Teles, NOVA and ML, Lisbon, Portugal

Arbitral Award: Drafting, challenge and enforcement
  • Core elements of the arbitral award and its drafting
  • Challenging the arbitral award: appeal and annulment; grounds for annulment; referral of the case to the arbitral tribunal and effects of the annulment of the arbitral award
  • The New York Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards
12h30 | Lunch

Thursday, July 13


Mariana França Gouveia, NOVA School of Law and VdA, Lisbon, Portugal

Interim measures
  • The jurisdiction of state courts before and after the constitution of the arbitral tribunal to issue interim measures. Concurrent jurisdiction with the judicial courts
  • Interim measures and preliminary orders
  • Typology, in particular the power to order enforcement measures and anti-suit injunctions
  • Requirements for the granting of interim measures
  • Preliminary orders
  • Recognition or enforcement of interim measures
10h30 | Coffee Break

Gustavo Fernandes, Partner, Tauil & Chequer – Mayer Brown, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Elena Gutierrez, MGC Arbitration, Paris, France

Multi-Party Arbitration
  • Multi-party arbitrations
  • Multi-contract arbitrations
  • The extension of the arbitration agreement (i) ratione materiae, to other disputes (other than those directly concerned); ratione personae, to other parties (other than those who signed it)
  • Joinder and intervention of third parties in arbitral proceedings
  • Consolidation of arbitral proceedings
12h30 | Almoço

Rute Alves, PLMJ Lisbon
Carolina Roque, PLMJ Lisbon

Legal Oral Advocacy
16h30-18h00 | Mini Moot Court Preparation

Friday, July 14


Ana Serra e Moura, Deputy Secretary General ICC Court, Paris, France

Workshop Institutionalized arbitration: ICC

10h30 | Coffee Break

Ashique Rahman, Fietta LLP, Londres, Reino Unido
Luis Terrinha, NOVA School of Law, Lisboa, Portugal

International investment protection arbitration
  • The origins of investment arbitration. The Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other states (ICSID or Washington Convention), the ICSID and the BITs (Bilateral Investment Treaties)
  • The jurisdiction of arbitral tribunals
  • Standards of investor protection provided for in the BITs
  • Annulment of arbitral awards and enforcement of awards under the ICSID Convention
13h00 | Lunch
14h00 | Mini Moot Court
18h00 | Closing
  • Moot Court awards ceremony

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