Nato At 75 – Legal and Geopolitical Challenges

22 May | NOVA School of Law

2024 marks NATO’s 75th anniversary, the most powerful and successful political and military Alliance in history. With the aim of guaranteeing freedom and security of its members through political and military means, NATO was born in response to increasing Soviet expansion. Over the years, NATO has gone through various phases of enlargement in order to increase its geopolitical influence. It currently has 32 Member States, which are increasingly investing in NATO’s collective defence. Today, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine is challenging the security architecture of Europe and the West, NATO increasingly appears to be a pillar of stability and maintenance of international order and law. However, this is not the only challenge facing the Atlantic Alliance.

Therefore, the questions that guide this seminar are:

  • What explains this longevity?
  • What has Russia’s invasion of Ukraine revealed about the Alliance’s relevance 75 years after its foundation?
  • What key issues does NATO face on the international scene?
  • How can NATO manage internally destabilizing factors such as Trump’s possible return to power, which is critical of the Alliance?
  • How is NATO addressing the challenges posed by China?

As part of our War & Law LAB, on May 22nd, between 18.30 and 20.00, we are hosting the seminar “Nato At 75 – Legal and Geopolitical Challenges” at NOVA School of Law.


Place: NOVA School of Law | Room 7

Opening Remarks

Margarida Lima Rego, Diretora da NOVA School of Law

18h30 – 19h30

Moderator: Felipe Pathé Duarte, NOVA School of Law

  • Raquel Vaz Pinto, NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Francisco Pereira Coutinho, NOVA School of Law
  • Nuno Lemos Pires, Army Major-General, National Defence Policy Director
  • US Embassy Defense Attaché (TBC)
19h30 – 20h

Discussion and Q&A

Final Remarks
Laura Iñigo Alvarez, NOVA School of Law


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